How to Encourage Your Children to Read

Reading is something truly precious you can do with your children, it’s a great way to educate while spending some quality time together.

But do you struggle to get your children to enjoy reading? Below are a couple of tips for you to try.


Tips to Encourage Reading

  1. Let your children choose the books they want to read.  Interests vary in children as they do in adults, so let them choose something that captures their imagination.
  2. Create a special area for reading. Make a comfortable area with good lighting and free from distractions, this way your children will know it’s dedicated for reading and will be more likely to concentrate.
  3. Make reading engaging. Have a good supply of engaging books for your children to choose from. Use character voices when you are reading to make it fun and exciting for them to listen to. The more engaged they are, the more value children will place on books and reading.

Following these tips will help you and your children enjoy reading together.

What Books to Read

Just so you don’t run out of books to read we have searched for some blog posts with great recommendations for you. Check them out by following the links below.

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What tips do you have to get your children to enjoy reading? What are some of your children’s favorite books? We would love to hear from you.



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