5 Tips To Connect With Your Older Children On a Busy Schedule 

Wow do the years fly by, it may seem like only yesterday when your children were crawling around fully dependent on you. Now they are grown up, at school, with a busier schedule than you! With both your hectic lives it may sometimes be hard to find the time or energy to spend quality time with your children.

But we all can agree that connecting with your children is vital to your relationship with them.

If you’re busy don’t be overwhelmed, it’s all about the little things! Here are 5 tips and ideas to help you connect with your children.

Five Tips and Ideas


1. Spend time with them. Ask them to help you with everyday tasks. Cooking dinner, food shopping, washing the dishes. It is a great opportunity to work together and chat to each other.

2. Ask about their day. It’s a simple tip but ask about their day, every day. When they answer REALLY listen to them and care about what they have to say. Do this over dinner or in the car when you have a couple of minutes to actually listen.

3. Side by side rather than face to face. Not every conversation needs to be a serious one. Take advantage of opportunities to have casual chats. Some parents have found it beneficial to chat to their children side by side rather than face to face… for example, while doing chores together or while riding in the car together. Your child may be more inclined to open up.

4. Take an interest in things they like. If you take the time to show an interest in things they like, you will become closer and it will create great opportunity for conversations.

5. Say goodnight. Take the time every night to say goodnight. This is another simple tip that will help create a closer relationship with your children. It shows you care.

Share with us any tips and ideas you have for spending time with your children. We would love to hear what you suggestions you have!

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