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A tight-knit group of female dentists making life just a little bit easier!

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Taking the Steps to Success.


Find the fine needle that hangs between a thriving practice and a pleasurable life. Discover your equivalence with happiness.



Meet and interact with busy, hard working, women just like you! Talk to the best (and most fun) support group you have ever seen.



Start getting social and interact with experienced dentists, mothers, & wives. And don't worry, work is over, we always have fun!



Take in the tips and tricks when it comes to dentistry, practice management, and let's begin transforming dental practices together.

Dental Dudettes Home


Work & Life.

No one said balancing work and life is an easy feat. In fact, it is quite difficult! The Dental Dudettes love sharing their secrets in finding the equilibrium between two seemingly opposing forces battling for life’s most precious element…. Time.



Women Dentists

Every Dental Dudette member has been a hardworking woman facing the same challenges as you. So we join together to learn from each other, and to face our challenges head on. Not to mention…. the social gatherings are fun too.

Dental Dudettes Home
Dental Dudettes Home


With Women like You

Who doesn't love getting social? Sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of professional women just like you! Start laughing, smiling, and socializing with the best group of dentists you will ever meet! And yes, you will love it!



Your Practice

Becoming a dentist is tough enough, we work together to discuss the best methods in running a business and managing your practice! Let's advance your life and your practice together. With the amount of smiles we work on, we want to be sure we are smiling ourselves!

Dental Dudettes Home

‘‘We've created a wonderful community, where we can find true support and friendship. A place to laugh, learn & relax.’’

Drs. Nicky Hakimi & Herlin Dyal.

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The History Behind the Group

The Early 90s.

In the winter of 1990 a group of one dozen female dental colleagues needed a way to stick together as female dentists and face the challenges that they all experienced. They created this group with the goal of sharing the challenges in their day to day lives as mothers and women. Just a few of the founders included Judy Lane, Nancy Archibald, Bev Kodama, Julie Wong, and Marjorie Maxwell.

Bringing Smiles to Dentists.

Group members found that with each quarterly meeting, there was better balance in their lives between work and home. They loved every moment that they joined together and wished to share that with other women dentists.


By 1994 the group had died out and we no longer were religious about gathering, but then in 1995 many more female dentists had moved to the area and the interest for the group was sparked up again. Dr. Nicky Hakimi led the group during this time. Over the next year, more than 75 female dentists were actively involved in the group. The group continued to meet quarterly with the main purpose of clinical sharing.


The group started fading out again in 1998, but has recently been rebuilt. Dr. Herlin Dyal led the group from 2004-2011, and Dr. Kelly Giannetti also assisted in leading over the group! Finally in 2015 they regrouped! The Dental Dudettes have potential to expanding to over 400 female dentists currently practicing in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, El Dorado, and Amador counties.

Looking Back Today.

Today, there are hundreds of members working together to redefine the approach to life. Now with a board of professional women working together we plan meetings and gatherings for clinical sharing and support of our female colleagues.

Women From All Around!







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